Welcome to BazarOnWeb.com | A leading Online Grocery Store based in Lucknow. In this online store you can buy anything that is on the Menu. The menu navigation is made such that you can easily navigate any category of product.
We have ample amount of product categories to shop. Grocery Items like ata, daal , chawal,etc. Fruits , Vegetables Electronics item, Electrical Appliances , Books,  and much more.

What are the benefits of buying grocery online on Bazaronweb ?

  1. Bazaronweb ensures high quality grocery items by providing quality check.
  2. Bazaronweb delivers items to you three times a day and you can order items in any slot. We provide Speedy delivery
  3. We provide professional support so that you can get help on any topic.

This website is managed by IT professionals with 10 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing and E-commerce.

This is a multi-vendor store. It has option for sellers from different parts of UP to register as an official vendor. Vendors can create their own virtual shops on our website. Vendor registration page links are provided on the top menu of this website. If you are a vendor and you want to sell some products, you can contact us on mobile number given below or you can comment using the form in this page.

Our store Bazaronweb is beneficial for Buyers and Sellers. We have some useful articles related to e-commerce business which can be found at – Blog

Enjoy Shopping on Bazar On Web. If you have any queries you can call us on- +91-94-54-24-14-94

Everything you need to know about Online Shopping Website Business

Online shopping business can be done by two categories of owner.

  1. Shopping Website Owner who owns a manufacturing, retailing or distributorship business.
  2. Shopping Website Owner who owns a marketing service providing platform. He does not produce any goods.

Let’s consider case A

In such cases the online stores are mostly single vendor stores. Owner of the store is the owner of a manufacturing company which produces its own products and has created the store to sell those products online. Sometimes, distributors or retailers who are authorized to sell the products also create online stores to sell items online using their individual websites.

Example of such website is: apple.com selling their own products on their official store.

Alongwith an e-commerce store you must have an active current account of your company with a TIN number (if applicable). Your account will be connected with a Payment Gateway like Payu Money, Paypal, CCavenue etc. and whenever a user pays online you will get the money in your account. Payment gateway companies often charge a percentage of transaction amounts as a commission/ charge of their services.


Case B

In such cases the owner of online shopping store is a marketing service provider company which promotes their store by online and offline advertising. They create multivendor stores and anyone with a valid sales tax registration can become a seller or vendor on the online stores and can start selling items online.

They have to submit following documents at the time of registration as a seller on e-commerce stores:

  1. Company Registration Certificate Photocopy
  2. TIN Number photocopy
  3. Cancelled Cheque’s Scanned Copy
  4. Company’s PAN Card Scanned Copy
  5. Partners Identification Proofs

Company sends a detailed agreement copy to users on their registered address. You should consult with your legal advisor about the points in the agreement and if you agree to terms and conditions, you (and your partners if applicable) can sign the agreement with your official stamp and you can send it back to the company.

Online Shopping Business

You will receive some pacing material from the company as well. Packing material has items like: Wrappers, tapes with branding of company, etc.

Example of Such Companies are: Snapdeal.com, Flipkart.com etc.


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