What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Advantages of Online Shopping:

  1. Online shopping is less time consuming.
  2. Online shopping saves travel cost (when you travel from your home to the store).
  3. You can read reviews before buying products which helps you in deciding which products are suitable for you.
  4. You can pay online and hence support the cashless economy initiative.
  5. When you pay online you receive some reward points which can be redeemed in later purchases.
  6. You can chose from thousands of products and hundreds of brands.
  7. You don’t have to wait in long ques of billing.
  8. You can reserve rail and flight tickets online which can be cancelled easily. This process is very hectic if done using the offline mode of payment.
  9. You can track your orders online.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping:

We have discussed some disadvantages of Online shopping with random users and here are some points that came as a conclusion:

  1. While you are shopping online, you can not directly touch things like you can do in Normal shopping and you are restricted to seeing things on screen only. On the other hand, in simple shopping, you can touch things, for example touching the clothes, wearing and trying clothes for fitting etc. You can analyze the quality of material and much more.
  2. When you shop online, you make online payments and hence, there is always a chance of fraud.
  3. Refund process is easy in offline mode of shopping and it’s difficult in online mode of shopping because response time from support staff matters. Most of the times because of some refund policy the company refuses to refund. It is necessary to read refund policy of websites before buying anything online.
  4. Wait time for receiving purchased products is more in online shopping. In offline shopping you get the product from the store immediately after paying.

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  1. It did catch my attention when you said that by shopping online, you can be sure that you will only consume less time in shopping. This is a perfect information for me to know because I want to shop for new home decors, but I can’t afford to have so much time for it due to a hectic schedule. I will make sure to consider shopping online soon. Thanks!

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