Precautions we should take before Shopping on Internet

Shopping on Internet is very useful and time saving. Offers on internet are attractive and customers are influenced by offers. But some precautions and security measures must be considered before making any transaction on shopping or e-commerce websites.

  1. Read user reviews about company and its products / services. Reviews will let you decide wisely whether you should make Shopping on Internet, payments to the company or not. There are plenty of websites that publish complaints and reviews about products and services of e-commerce companies. Make sure that you know about the registered office of the company.
  2. You must be aware of the goods selling process and shipping process. Please read all the policies along-with terms and conditions carefully.
  3. Do not share personal information that isn’t necessary.
  4. If the products are not delivered by the promised time then ask for refund of your money immediately. All the points in the refund policy must be clear to you. Most of the stores have products from various vendors who fail to maintain the demand and supply balance.
  5. If cash on delivery option is available then make if your first preference. Cash on delivery option saves you from long and time consuming refund processes.
  6. Companies blacklist some users from their system because they order products online and chose cash on delivery, but at the time of delivery they cancel the order. Don’t cancel orders regularly.
  7. If a shopping company has Secured Socket Layer Certificate installed on its domain you can give it a preference over those companies who don’t have SSL certificate.
  8. Read product warranty and guarantee related information carefully.
  9. Good online shopping websites have full details of products such as Technical Specifications, Physical specifications and “In the box” details. Read the information carefully and buy the product if it matches your requirement.

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