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Assembled PC or a Personal Computer means a Computer with hardware parts of customized specifications.

What Should You Know about assembled PC ?

A computer consists of Mainly 3 Units :

  1. CPU
  2. GUI OR Monitor
  3. Input Devices (Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner etc.)

Additionally Printers and other hardware are also attached to computer when necessary.

You must have a basic knowledge about various hardware components that a used in the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of a Personal Computer :

  1. Motherboard
  2. Processor
  3. ROM / Hard-Disk (Storage Capacity)
  4. RAM
  5. Cabinet (Comes with SMPS and connecting wires)
  6. CPU Fan (To cool the system)
  7. CD / DVD etc. ROM

All components of CPU are attached to a Motherboard (As the name suggests). It comes with a user manual and you can connect everything on your own. If you have a doubt, you can take help of an expert.

How to Chose Assembled PC Components?

The choice of specification for these components depends upon the operations you want to perform using your PC.

Operations are performed using Software Applications. Applications can be a simple calculator, some designing tool like Photoshop or Corel Draw, A Video Game, A Programming Application or anything else. There are millions of application for Personal Computers and you will find the minimum specification requirement for every application on its description manual.

You have to chose the Specification RAM, Hard-disk, Processor etc. depending upon the Minimum Specification Requirement of the Applications you want to mostly use in your computer.

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